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The Wonderful Outdoors

Everyone knows how it is at the moment, I won't be like the news and use a different adjective every six sentences to explain what kind of "times" we're in.

Being cooped up at home like an injured rabbit is weighing on everyone at the moment. I think its like being ill, where you take being healthy for granted and then you get a horrible stomach bug and you feel like the world is ending. You think back to happier times where you weren't in bed with a stomach bug and you could eat solid food without it making you worse.

Its important to get out as much as you can. Last week my partner and I went for a picnic in a park, and it was one of the best things we'd ever done even if it was bitterly cold and started raining as we were walking back to the car. Just having a little taste of fresh air for an hour or so perked both of us up a lot.

I blame lockdown and the reason we only go out for shopping as the reason I've been in a bit of a rut for the past 2/3 weeks. Over the weekend I packed up my work for a bit and we went out every day for the weekend, and I feel a lot better for it. I've come to another sprint for my final year project, so getting some fresh air in my lungs and clearing my head for a couple of days couldn't have been timed better. Of course if you have too many commitments then you won't find a weekend to clear your mind, but going back to one of my first posts it is important to take days off, now more than ever.

If you get the chance for a day off, try and spend it outside, go for a picnic on your own or with someone you like, in your household of course. Its very important to look after yourself and you shouldn't feel bad for feeling down, particularly if all you do is work.

Stay safe out there.

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